Sammy's skin after using

Sammy’s skin after using

Sammy's red skin

Sammy, before beginning SolveEczema

I just want to share again a link to this blog, about a mom who was on a quest to cure her son’s eczema and ended up using   Sammy’s Skin – The Story of a Boy, His Eczema, and the Quest for a Drug-Free Cure.

Much of what I do with is try to figure out how to get people over all the typical barriers and myths so that they understand enough to do their own problem-solving and persist with the strategies to solve the eczema.  I heard from Sammy’s mom when she was in the middle of her quest, and given the many barriers, I really feared she wouldn’t be able to persist with the site, even though I thought her son would probably benefit.  Not only did she persist, but she has started a bulletin board where she is helping other families who want to use the SolveEczema site, and moderating with two other moms:

I have always wanted to start a bulletin board myself; I’ll be very honest that I think these dedicated moms are doing a better job at encouraging, answering questions, and creating a community than I would have.  We all learn from each other.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!