Solve Eczema’s Blog
Notes from www.solveeczema.org – on the topic of solving eczema, living eczema free.  By A.J. Lumsdaine

Solveeczema.org is an amateur website I began years ago to help other parents solve their children’s eczema.  It has been my hobby for many years, completely non-commercial, parent-to-parent.  Until May 2011, I hadn’t even monetized it with ad revenue, despite how simple and lucrative online allergy and eczema ads are, because Google ads and similar services use keywords that end up advertising many products I feel would harm people my site is supposed to help.  I tried monetizing the site for awhile, but suspended it soon after as it ended up more trouble than it was worth, I feel gave people the wrong impression and could have turned away some people who would otherwise have been helped, and it earned very little anyway.  I may add some affiliate ads for things I just enjoy, like Giant Microbes, but haven’t yet.

It has always been my goal to do a medical study, and I have been exploring the best way to do that.  Ultimately, I would like to grow a social venture that gives a hefty percentage of its bottom line to fund an affiliated non-profit research arm working to solve tough medical problems, where I believe the solution already exists in medical literature, what is needed is more problem solving than new science.

In the short term, I am trying to publish a book and make a medical study happen.  I recently had an epiphany about crowdsourcing the medical study, which you can read about on the Changemakers website by searching on “solveeczema”.  

Donations are most welcome and will help more than you know.  Although SolveEczema.org is a noncommercial endeavor, donations are not tax deductible as it is not a registered nonprofit.  (Donations typically amount to no more than a few hundred dollars a year, enough to help defray the cost of the site so I can afford to keep it online.)

The Solveeczema.org website and blog continue to explain in detail how people can find their own products.  I recommend products because people ask me to.  I am not selling anything myself.   If people link from the SolveEczema Amazon.com astore to purchase products they would anyway, a small portion of sales goes to support SolveEczema.org without increasing the cost to buyers.  The one glaring product absence from Amazon.com is CalBenPureSoap laundry and soap products, which have to be purchased directly from CalBen.
A.J. Lumsdaine