New Developments for

1) A Video Slideshow Overview of (see previous blog post)

2) Suspension of affiliate marketing/the shop page. It’s purpose was to find support to focus my time on the work, but I found being success at monetization would have taken far more focus, thwarting the original intent. The work of the website takes precedence.

3) A crowdfunding project on to support the work so that I can focus on finishing a book at a minimum, and take whatever concrete steps toward a medical study that the project support allows.

I WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT AND/OR HELP SPREADING THE WORD, if possible. Even small donations will help! The crowdfunding project ends in February; the earlier the support, the better!

A.J. Lumsdaine

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  • Hi, I can not thank you enough about your website and all the information you have gathered. I have been researching for all longtime about my children’s bronchitis/allergies without knowing they had eczema until my daughter who is 5 broke out badly.

    I will try all the suggestion. I also would like to ask you if you have ever looked at the planet products their website is I dont know enough yet to see if their ingredients are soap or detergent but I have used their dish soap for a longtime.

    I would like to get information about how to contribute/donate to your website.

    Thank you

    • Dear Karol,
      I’m sorry to hear that allergies and eczema have been a problem for your family. Unfortunately, these days it’s all too common.

      I am somewhat familiar with Planet because — if I’m going to recommend a powdered laundry detergent to someone — that would be it. But in our household, it still caused eczema, just not to the degree that stronger detergents did. As you know I don’t recommend the use of detergents at all for anyone trying to use the strategies on my website.

      Also, the trouble is that I used it many years ago. Products change. The “natural” products industry has been moving toward more and more problematic detergents as far as I’m concerned, on the mistaken belief that so long as a product is plant-based and biodegradable, it’s healthier. (At least, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s not just about money.) Seventh Generation began by selling real soap products, and they advertised their belief that it was safer. Now their products are mostly sodium lauryl sulfate based, at least from what I could see at the health store recently. Unfortunately, SLS can be described as a “coconut-derived natural surfactant”, or as a “coconut based cleaner” as Planet’s dish liquid is described. It could be all SLS or something similar.

      If you are going to try the steps on the site, I would not choose to use that product line for the time being. If you find the strategies successful and clear up the eczema, you can always experiment later.

      I’m grateful for your kind words and offer of support! If you want to contribute to my current crowdfunding campaign, please go to

      Good luck with it, and please let me know if you have any questions as you proceed. I usually recommend site questions go to mamamlumsdaine [at] — these days, everyone deals with a lot of spam on blogs, so I don’t always see msgs there. If you make changes, I always recommend that people read and understand all the information on the website and keep their doctors in the loop, it’s very important for safety, especially for your kids who have bronchitis. I hope the information helps!
      Kind Regards,

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