Where to Find Non-detergent Shampoo

When Solveeczema.org users ask me for choices in non-detergent shampoo, in the past, I had little to say. The best one I had tried was Cal-Ben’s. But, different people have different needs and preferences.

I just looked at the Environmental Working Group’s web site. In the shampoo category, many products listed as the safest are soap-based. The great thing about the Environmental Working Group’s web site is that ingredients are listed for most products.  I found Earth Mama Angel Baby’s soap-based shampoo through EWG’s site, and like that product as well.

I haven’t tried most of the products listed, but they are mostly castile-soap-based with very simple ingredients and thus should be safe for Solveeczema.org users.

Note: not all shampoos listed as tops in safety are soap-based, as you go down the list, some are made with sugar-surfactants (of which I’ve heard mixed reviews from Solveeczema.org users, I continue to reserve judgement for now), and as you go further, the more and stronger the product detergent bases.

In general, Environmental Working Group’s web site is a great place to look for safe products.