Please help keep Solveeczema going

Well, this is really frustrating. I spent weeks composing a letter to send out to people who had contacted me through the web site. To ask for support for the site, and to direct people to sign up for a Yahoogroup in order to send out occasional (like once a year) announcements about Solveeczema. Some of those people had even offered support in the past, but I didn’t take anyone up on it then.

Well, most of the things I sent out – via a Yahoogroups invite – bounced, most likely because of the word “eczema” and the bulk mailing. I really cannot figure out how to send email to a large number of people. I was trying the Yahoogroup in the first place because it was becoming impossible to send info (to people who had asked) from my account.

When I started Solveeczema, I just paid for the domain names and forwarding myself. I paid for printing and postage to mail the info to people who read about it in newsletters but did not have Internet access themselves. I have even bought soap products for a few moms who could not afford them. But the aforementioned problems with Blue Shield have been a strain on my family’s resources and time, and will probably do so long into the future.

I really do need the help to keep Solveeczema on the air, so to speak. It does not have to be much. I have enough donations to renew for a year, but as you can see, I’m really not much of an online fundraiser and can’t see doing this again next year!

If this has helped you – and by some miracle you get wind of this through the blog (because I don’t seem to be able to email the list of people who contacted me through the site to save my life) – please consider a small donation to keep it going for the next person. The “donate” button on this blog goes directly to Paypal, a secure site.

Please forgive me for grousing, I am feeling a little low and ineffectual at the moment …

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