I have been hearing from more and more people whose doctors gave them an article about solveeczema.org or a link to the web site.  I heard this from a mom in Florida recently:

I want to start by saying Thank You!!!  You have helped my family sooo much.  I have two children with allergies and eczema.  I have been through so many doctors, and all they kept saying was use more lotion, use more drugs.  One doctor told me, “You’re in a search for a cause and effect that does not exist … use more lotion!!!”

I was desperate … on top of caring for my son’s disability I was dealing with the scratching and bleeding and cries through the night.  I always thought the detergent, which was [commonly recommended scent- and dye-free detergent],  was causing a problem… however the doctors said no.

Finally I switched to our current allergist who gave me your printout.  I removed the detergent and used soap flakes for washing clothes and also used Ben’s Bar from Ipswich Bay Soap Company.  After two weeks my kids’ skin cleared up completely.  They still get some spots from time to time on their feet and hands, but we can deal with that.  My daughter had been covered from head to toe.  Also my son has a breathing problem which needed a nebulizer from time to time.  Barely ever do we use it now (except if he has a cold).

Thanks soooo much again.  Before reading your article, going to the park with my daughter was such a nightmare.  She would be itching and scratching so hard blood would show.  I thought how unfair it was for a child to not be able to enjoy life.  My kids are doing soooo well.  Their skin looks beautiful and they are very happy!!!!  Thank you.