Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database is a fabulous resource for anyone using Solveeczema.org to problem solve their child’s eczema.
The database includes a wide range of personal care products.  Although the evaluations do not take into account specific issues from Solveeczema, or even “eczema” specifically as an outcome of any ingredient, many of the safest products listed would also work for solveeczema.  (The database does use broad terms like “skin irritation”.)  In fact, the safest baby and skin products listed are soap based.  (Be aware that many down the line are not.)
The Skin Deep database lists ingredients for every product in the database, with further safety information on each ingredient.   For each safety concern identified, there is a data gap number that basically pegs the confidence level of the safety problem.
For me, it’s been a great place to learn about new products that would work for my family.
Wishing you all a healthy, happy, eczema-free New Year!