Update links to Solveeczema.org

FINALLY!  I have finally figured out how to delete my solveecema files from Comcast’s personal web pages.  It took an hour just to delete them — one by one since there was no other way — the only saving grace being that it was sooooo much faster than trying to update them.

Solveeczema.org has been hosted on Network Solutions for the past several weeks and will be for the foreseeable future.  It took this long to remove the old files from Comcast.  (I used to have them stored on Comcast and had URL forwarding from solveeczema.org.)

If you bookmarked Solveeczema.org in the past, your browser probably bookmarked the old web page on Comcast.  If you linked directly to solveeczema.org, you’re fine, but if you bookmarked it, you may have to re-bookmark the page, even if you typed solveecema.org into your browser to get to the site.

Now I can update the site without worrying about there being another, older copy I couldn’t delete out there.  Check for changes in the coming weeks.

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