Not my ads (redux)

I moved this blog to WordPress from VOX, even though VOX was easier at the time and had better tools, because I thought I could get away from the ads they put on my blog.  Unfortunately, the ads appear as if they are associated with my content, and Google ads uses words from the content to choose the ads — thus products advertised could be dangerous to people who need my site, and at the very least, promote things I might recommend against.

I just looked at one of my blog pages, the Master List of Bar Soap Recommendations page, and lo and behold, there is a Google ad right below my post and before the comment section.

Those are not my ads, they are’s Google ads; Solveeczema does not endorse or benefit from them.  The ads may promote products that I would recommend against.

I am trying to update the site soon.  Along with the updates, it appears I will be moving my blog.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Not my ads (redux)”

  1. Hi. This is Jill, Rowan’s Mom. Not sure if you remember me but we emailed a few times a few years ago and you posted my letter on your website. Rowan is now 5 years old and doing very well. Just an occasional small outbreak behind his knees. We continue to have a detergent free home. I was writing to let you know a couple of things:
    1) I published a book a couple of years ago called “Green Up Your Cleanup”. It gives recipes for making your own cleaners and talks about avoiding detergents. I mention your website and I’ve been meaning to write and tell you about it for ages!
    2) There is a way to get the WordPress ads to disappear. You need to purchase an upgrade but I’m not sure how much it is:
    Keep up the great work!

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