Toothpaste without detergent

Toothpastes are some of the more difficult products to find without detergent. The shelves of the health food stores carry choice after choice of “natural” toothpaste with detergent. Not just any detergent, usually sodium lauryl sulfate, one of the worst if detergents give you eczema.

There are a few, mainly European, choices that don’t have detergents in them, but they do have large amounts of sorbitol, which I don’t personally tolerate well. I’ve run across so many other adults who have the same trouble with sorbitol that I’ll admit I haven’t paid much attention to the non-detergent toothpastes that contain sorbitol. In fact, there are only three brands I know off the top of my head that don’t have sorbitol or detergents: Burt’s Bees, Weleda, and Ipsab Tooth Powder.

Only Burt’s Bees and Weleda had children’s versions – until just recently, when Burt’s Bees discontinued selling toothpaste! My local health food store ordered as much as they could, since it was a best seller for them, but even that stock is long gone. I have a healthy stash now myself, most of which I ordered through Amazon.

Weleda package inserts state that “All WELEDA Toothpastes are free from fluoride, detergents, synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. … All WELEDA Toothpastes are developed in cooperation wtih dentists and are scientifically tested.”

It’s too bad about the fluoride, I wish someone would come out with a non-detergent fluoride toothpaste.

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