Off Topic: One of the best web sites on the Internet

With no working washing machine for a month now, Halloween costume plans had to change in our household.  Fortunately for us, Canon sponsors one of the best web sites on the Internet, from which we were able to print plans to build a really cool red panda mask out of paper card stock. No washing required.

Link to the site:  Canon Papercraft

I don’t have words to do this site justice.  You can download detailed kits for building animals, dinosaurs, pop-up cards, whole towns, trains, airplanes, gift boxes, wedding cake teddy bears, the Parthenon, the Taj Majal, the Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty, and on and on — all out of paper!  And all with the highest level of design values:  clear instructions, amazingly intelligent design, simple to build.  The hardest thing is just cutting out the pieces.  If you use this site, PLEASE do not forget to thank Canon, as they are sponsoring this site.  It’s absolutely amazing.

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  1. I really appreciate you posting this link. Since we’ve completed the Kumon cutting workbooks, completing these crafts has become my daughter’s favorite activity. The projects range from cute to truly amazing.

    I’m sure we’re helping Canon’s bottom line with all the paper and ink we’re using, too–we have a Canon printer!

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