Unscented Dove discontinued?

I have been getting reports that Unscented Dove has been discontinued. Unscented Dove for Sensitive Skin may be a reasonable substitute, at least it used to be identical surfactant-wise. The only reason I did not recommend it was because it has several oils in it that the plain unscented does not have, including Sweet Almond …

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Safe Soap

Speaking of 22-year-old research papers… Here’s one that compared the reactions of patients in different subgroups to eight surfactants and distilled water. [Link][Pubmed Link] Conclusion? “The subgroup of patients with atopic dermatitis reacted more severely than the subgroup of healthy controls with respect to synthetic detergents. The alkaline soaps were tolerated relatively well in this …

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Problem Solving Eczema – The Big Picture

Here’s an edited question and an edited version of an email I wrote in response. It covers a lot of topics I’ve been meaning to post anyway, so I have inserted headers to make it more readable. —A.J. Dear A.J. Just wanted to touch base to see if you had achieved any success in finding …

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