Unscented Dove discontinued?

I have been getting reports that Unscented Dove has been discontinued.

Unscented Dove for Sensitive Skin may be a reasonable substitute, at least it used to be identical surfactant-wise. The only reason I did not recommend it was because it has several oils in it that the plain unscented does not have, including Sweet Almond Oil. There is some research indicating early exposure to nut oils, even rubbed on the skin, may increase the likelihood of developing nut allergies. I personally would like to see the studies repeated with a little more rigor, but they are something to be aware of.

In my own experience, of all the Dove products, people are the least likely to have problems with the other ingredients in Unscented Dove, so I’m disappointed that they discontinued it.

Unscented Dove is one of those products that isn’t entirely true soap, but the major component is soap and the hydration properties appear to be the same as true soap. It is also non-drying. I liked being able to recommend a product that was available worldwide.


If you have used the solveeczema.org web site to eliminate your eczema, please tell me about your favorite non-drying bar soap! Ideally, I’d like to find something that is widely available. Rather than commenting here, please go to the web site http://www.solveeczema.org and click on the Feedback link on the home page.

I know people who do use the Dove Unscented for Sensitive Skin without problems. I am also looking into “basis sensitive skin bar” — please let me know if your child definitely has detergent-reactive eczema and you have used this product (what were the results?). Like Dove, it appears to be a mixture of mainly soap with other surfactants.