Postcript on affiliate marketing (or not) on

In December, I suspended affiliate marketing for for a number of reasons, including that the time it took for it to provide enough support to be helpful took directly away from the site work.

I removed the pages and most of the links, but apparently forgot the Amazon aStore link (links?) from the recommendation section of the Solution page.  Amazon lets affiliates make their own “astores” with stuff they recommend, so I carefully sifted through what I could find that met my site criteria.  It wasn’t easy, as Amazon – for all its advantages – is not the easiest place to purchase personal care products, and some of the most effective products I have found aren’t for sale through Amazon.  I found out the aStore was still there after receiving a surprise email from Amazon that there were earnings – about $40 for the quarter.  When people shop from that link, Amazon remits something like 4%, sometimes slightly more.

Since the link is there, and since the aStore took time to set up in the first place, and people who write to me still ask for the convenience of something like this, I’m going to leave it up, but I felt I should let everyone know.  It’s not going to make a huge difference in covering the costs of the site, but because of it, I did give myself permission to buy a book, not available in the library, about cleaning products and marketing, something that will help the SolveEczema book research.