Eczema Baby Scratching – Now Not Scratching
Eczema itches. Quality of life studies say even mild eczema can be as miserable as severe eczema, because no one sleeps. Babies don’t sleep, siblings don’t sleep, parents don’t sleep. It affects health and development. None of the studies quite hits home like this 2-minute video, sent to me by a mom who used the web site to help her son. I’ve edited out a long segment where baby Zack just digs at his neck, but it’s still hard to watch. Stick with it ’til the “after” photo, though (note: it’s silent, there’s no music):

Please help me to help more babies like this one. If you can, please make a donation to my crowdfunding project. The hope is to fund a medical study, but that level of funding would take high visibility on the crowdfunding website. If you can’t afford much, even $1 will make a huge difference in whether the project gets the visibility to attract other contributors, and you can keep your name and amount anonymous. You can donate at:
It ends February 29, just weeks away. Thanks so much for all the moral support and support so far!

3 thoughts on “Eczema Baby Scratching – Now Not Scratching”

  1. Good luck. My daughter Sarh thinks very well of you and supports the study as do I.

    all the best..

    Clive Mason

  2. The sad thing is my 7 month old daughter is 10 times worse than that video.. She wears socks on her hands 24/7 all the way up her arms. She is also double swaddled at night and sleeps with her legs pinned down between my legs.

    We could NEVER, EVER leave her to herself like that as shown in the video if her hands were uncovered. We would be running full speed to her room to put her socks back on.

    All it takes is 10 seconds and she does enough damage to inflict a possible life-threatening infection. If I’m driving on the freeway and she gets a sock off I must reach back and grab her hand while driving, all while exiting the freeway, pulling over, and then JUMP out of the car to put her sock back on.

    There is nothing worse than seeing your child COVERED in blood and crying and STILL scratching for more. I’m in tears just writing this..

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