Solveeczema is hosted!

I purchased a hosting package for in March, but didn’t have time to transfer the files.  But as of tonight, is hosted on Network Solutions and is no longer unsupported (and, frankly, almost impossible to revise) on Comcast!

Thanks to the generosity of a few users last year who helped defray some of the costs through their donations, I was able to contemplate doing this.   Now I can actually make changes to the site again!  The hosting package is multi-year, too.

The old site will remain at Comcast until I can spend an afternoon with them on the phone figuring out how to remove it, because I haven’t been able to access Comcast using a browser for over a year now.  And Google and other search engines may still bring up that address.  But I had been using email forwarding from from the start, and all of the articles used the domain name.

The only people who may be affected are those who bookmarked the URL at Comcast  — Solveeczema used to forward to it.  They’ll have to re-bookmark

I am thrilled!  It has been SO difficult and time consuming to make any changes to this site up til now.  I have so many things to add, including revelations on dry skin from my personal bar soap observations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay tuned…