Persistence of Detergent Residues

I think this research paper by Horiuchi Utako from Gunma University in Japan speaks for itself — the translation of the abstract isn’t perfect, but the meaning is perfectly clear:

1)  A lot of detergent remains in clothing even after excessive rinsing.

2)  A significant amount of those residues can migrate onto other surfaces that come into contact with the clothing, including skin.

The abstract is short and is well worth reading.  The interesting conclusion to Solveeczema users:  “wash the diapers for the babies with hypersensitivity using soaps in stead of synthetic detergents.”

The paper appears to have been published in 1983.

1 thought on “Persistence of Detergent Residues”

  1. I’m interested in your “technique” for washing fruits and vegetables. Also, I read on your site that your son reacted to poultry. Do you have a method of preparing store bought poultry or do you just avoid it? We have tried to eliminate detergents from our home environment but still don’t see the improvement I had hoped for. I think I might be too lax in the food area.

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