Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Non-detergent Cleaners on Oprah

Here’s an entire page of non-detergent cleaners — all of which would work for Solveecema users — recommended on Oprah’s web site for being green and saving money.

Soaps, soaps, soaps…

I just stumbled onto a web site selling an entire line of products that appears to be all soap-based/non-detergent.  Of special interest:  they have several shampoo products, and a pet-care line.

I’ve just ordered a bunch of travel samples to try them out.

Hosting for Solveeczema

I finally got a web hosting package for

It may take a few weeks to get things up and running — especially since my computer went down in a power outage and I have to recover the data (the site files) before I can upload them to the new host.  Unfortunately, I can’t get the existing files from the Comcast site because I have been unable to log in using a browser ever since they upgraded their site last year.

Details, details…

The hosting package is for several years, so once it is up and running on the new host, it should be — for the first time since Solveeczema went online — easier to change and improve.