Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Make your own soap powder the easy way

Check this out – someone is selling already grated soap for making your own soap-based laundry powder: 

They sell Borax in bulk, too.  I can’t for certain say that all of their products are non-detergent, but most seem so.  (I would be careful to check out the unscented “powder” first by asking them directly, because they don’t say what brand of hard soap they start with or what ingredients are in it.  However, they do seem to know the difference between “old-fashioned lye soap” and detergent.)

The site also has a section with laundry powder recipes using grated soap.

11 pound delivery

I finally got my medical insurance appeal in the mail last Saturday.  The package weighed 11 pounds!  I hurt my hand trying to finish it – I have never had a technological strain injury before.  Ouch! 

My copy of the appeal also weighed 11 pounds.  The stack I had to make just prior to this weighed 15 pounds – 7.5 pounds for me, 7.5 pounds for the lawyer helping me produce the letter to go with the most recent 11 pounds of paper – ironically produced on Earth Day.  

It’s hard to even contemplate the wasted effort – mine, and that of millions of other Americans.