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A Success to Share from Florida

I have been hearing from more and more people whose doctors gave them an article about or a link to the web site.  I heard this from a mom in Florida recently:

I want to start by saying Thank You!!!  You have helped my family sooo much.  I have two children with allergies and eczema.  I have been through so many doctors, and all they kept saying was use more lotion, use more drugs.  One doctor told me, “You’re in a search for a cause and effect that does not exist … use more lotion!!!”

I was desperate … on top of caring for my son’s disability I was dealing with the scratching and bleeding and cries through the night.  I always thought the detergent, which was [commonly recommended scent- and dye-free detergent],  was causing a problem… however the doctors said no.

Finally I switched to our current allergist who gave me your printout.  I removed the detergent and used soap flakes for washing clothes and also used Ben’s Bar from Ipswich Bay Soap Company.  After two weeks my kids’ skin cleared up completely.  They still get some spots from time to time on their feet and hands, but we can deal with that.  My daughter had been covered from head to toe.  Also my son has a breathing problem which needed a nebulizer from time to time.  Barely ever do we use it now (except if he has a cold).

Thanks soooo much again.  Before reading your article, going to the park with my daughter was such a nightmare.  She would be itching and scratching so hard blood would show.  I thought how unfair it was for a child to not be able to enjoy life.  My kids are doing soooo well.  Their skin looks beautiful and they are very happy!!!!  Thank you.



Nasal and Sinus Saline Rinse

Since it’s cold and flu season, and soon enough to be allergy season…

On a recent Oprah Winfrey program, featured medical expert Dr. Oz talked about rinsing sinuses using a “Neti pot.” I have no experience with this product, but the testimonials on the program were very positive. Someone on Oprah’s staff was able to get chronic congestion under control by using it. I also like that Dr. Oz admonished people to continue to figure out why they get chronic sinus congestion (if that is why they use it) and deal with the underlying problem, not just rely on the rinses.

Another option I have found is a product called “Simply Saline – Sterile Saline Nasal Mist” from Blairex Laboratories On the package it says it’s “The only sterile preservative-free nasal saline solution.”

The mist is very gentle, and I find, less frightening to children than other ways of flooding the sinuses with fluid to help clear congestion. I LOVE this product! And it’s just sterile saline. I just had a cold myself recently, with severe congestion, yet I was able to breathe and sleep every night because of this stuff.

While surfing over to Simply Saline’s web site, I found that Blairex also makes a diaper creme and ointment (the names of which I’m not going to print because of search and spam problems that come up with certain terms), as well as a new product for the face and lips, Boudreax’s Baby Kisses. (The links are to product descriptions, rather than to Blairex, because gives the ingredients while the manufacturer does not. I don’t know why it is so few manufacturers list their ingredients on their own sites! is a great place to find product contents, one of the reasons I shop there.)

Looking at the ingredients in the above cremes, all are probably good barrier moisturizers. I have not used them or gotten feedback about them, but the ingredients seem similar to other good barrier moisturizers.

For one ingredient I have never come across before, Peruvian balsam, I found an informative link to help evaluate whether individual allergy might be an issue (or not): [link]

Boudreax’s body wash and shampoo, however, appear to be detergent based.

More No-Detergent Toothpaste

Today I happened across a toothpaste from Auromere that has no detergent in it. Let me be very clear that all of the other Auromere toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate; only this particular flavor is detergent-free. It is called “Non-foaming” on the label. It’s an Ayurvedic toothpaste with Neem oil, imported from India. I have not tried it myself.

Weleda is the only brand I know of that has no detergents in any of its toothpastes. Well, actually, there are probably other European brands, but they all contain sorbitol. I have not paid attention to those with sorbitol because I am personally very sensitive to it. So, Weleda is the only brand I know of that has no detergents and no sorbitol in its toothpastes.