Month: September 2007

Off Topic – The Biggest Threat to Science

I just read a great article in Discover Magazine‘s October 2007 issue, p.66. The article is called Science Under Siege, by Jennifer Washburn. I have not found the article on the Internet, probably because the issue – billed as The State of Science in America – is still in newstands. This is the first time …

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Not an allergic reaction to detergents

Eczema from detergents – per – is caused by how detergents affect skin membrane permeability and function and is not a true IgE-mediated allergy to detergents. In fact, very few people (if any) have a true allergy to detergents, most detergent allergies are actually allergies to product enzymes and additives. Sodium lauryl sulfate, known …

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Oxygen-based bleach recommendation

Natural Choices makes a good oxygen-based bleach product called Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach. (Please note that not all of their products are non-detergent.) To contact Natural Choices Home Safe Products 1-866-OXY-BOOST and . I have no connection with this company, but I use this product and like it a lot. My only caveat is to …

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